7 things to consider for your beach wedding attire

7 things to consider for your beach wedding attire


  1. Go for a lighter dress.

Long gowns may present challenges out on the beachfront. They may look dreamy, and you may even be able to get down the aisle mostly without issue, but the trouble may start when you try navigating the beach to take photos. If you’re wearing a super long train this can be a nightmare. Look for something lighter, or at the very least, ensure your dress can bustle easily.

  1. Wear lightweight fabrics.

The last thing you want is to wear a dress with a lace trim and finding out only when you get to the altar that your dress has picked up all sorts of debris from the beach along the way. It’s better to go with fabrics like chiffon or charmeuse, which will give you an airy feel, as your gown will be able to flow freely.

  1. Skip the veil.

Veils aren’t worn by all brides, but they are an absolute must for brides who want to keep it all the way traditional. In windy temperature, an extra-long veil can have you fighting a not so cute windy battle. Avoid this by going for fresh flowers, or a fascinator instead.

  1. Try an updo.

Fancy updos have a way of changing your entire look. They go with just about everything, and for a beach wedding an updo will help prevent your hair from taking on a life of its own during the ceremony. If you’re really set on wearing your hair down, think about hiring a stylist who will be on location throughout, just in case you need a touch up.

  1. Ditch the heels.

void the hassle of wearing heels in the sand; look into getting the perfect espadrilles or wedges for your beach wedding. If you plan early enough, you’ll be able to customize your shoes, so they’re fancy enough to make you forget that you aren’t wearing heels.

Expert tip: No matter which shoe option you choose, getting the right aisle runner will help keep your feet cool on the way to the altar. Thick flower petals or fabric work like a charm.

  1. Stay tan line free.

Tan lines can be a nightmare especially on a wedding day when you really can’t do anything about them. Protect your skin ahead of your wedding by wearing sunscreen (waterproof sunscreen recommended) every time you’re out in the sun. Sunburn or tan lines are two things you don’t want on your wedding day, and the same goes for your bridal party. To avoid tan lines, you and your wedding party can plan bathing suits for the trip according to what everyone is wearing on the big day.

  1. Say no to penguin suits.

Out on the beachfront it’s less important to be fancy, and more important to stay cool. Let the groom and his best men opt for a more casual look; think lightweight cotton pants or even Bermuda shorts.

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