12 things to consider for the beach wedding ceremony

12 things to consider for the beach wedding ceremony


  1. Get a beach permit if needed.

Though this isn’t always required, it is worth your time to do some research, so you avoid any unnecessary problems down the line. Find out about noise regulations in both private and public settings, so you can make the proper arrangements.

  1. Plan wisely, avoid crowds.

One of the things you should seek to find out in advance is when the beach is the most crowded. You’ll want to avoid this time to ensure you have enough privacy, so your wedding doesn’t turn into a circus. Usually you’ll find beaches quieter outside of weekends and holidays. Some beaches in Hawaii for example don’t allow event set ups on public beaches. In places like this, you’ll need to instead rent a beachside villa, so you’ll still be able to take photos on the beach after your ceremony.

  1. Arrange sturdy seating.

Aluminum chairs, wooden benches, other types of folding chairs and even stylish waterproof ottomans will add to the comfort of guests. All of these are sturdy enough to not be blown away by the wind or sink in the sand and collapse. In some cases, you may not need to have seats for everyone – just the elderly and children. It all depends on the type of wedding you want and how long the ceremony will be.

  1. Accentuate the beach’s natural features.

The beach is beautiful enough as it is, so you won’t need to go overboard here. Instead, focus on accentuating the natural features in a way that will help bring your wedding to life. It doesn’t all need to be seashells and palm leaves; you can use the various hues of the ocean or sand to create a theme, adding in elements like stones, dune glasses, and more.

  1. Add in colors to contrast the light color of the sand.

If you’re wondering what colours are best for a beach wedding, we recommend adding some color which will contrast with the sand to make the setting more vibrant. Think green, orange, or coral tones.

  1. Shop local for destination weddings.

When sourcing your décor for a destination wedding, try to purchase things from local vendors. This can help you avoid hefty importation fees, or delays that can happen if your items get detained by customs for any reason.

  1. Prepare for windy conditions.

If it can blow away, it might. Prepare for a windy day, even when not expected. Secure everything you can beforehand to avoid this. Use heavier items to weigh things down, like programmes and place cards, or just get heavyweight stands. You can also tie programmes neatly to chairs. If you plan on tossing dried flower petals, wait to do this, once guests arrive.

  1. Prepare a shoe station.

No one wants to spend the day with sand in their shoes. With a shoe rack, guests can trade their fancy shoes for flip flops. Make provisions at the station for guests to be able to wipe or wash the sand off their feet before making the swap. You’ll want to include a seating area, towels, a place to store shoes, and a bucket of water.

  1. Have refreshments on hand.

Beat the heat with cold drinks. A table set up with lemonade, ice water, or a signature cocktail will go a long way in keeping guests satisfied and refreshed.

  1. Prevent bug bites.

You’ll want to keep insect repellant close at hand for any outdoor ceremony, particularly beach weddings. Try to get a good brand with ingredients that aren’t harmful, that won’t stain your dress.

  1. Prepare guests with a welcome package.

You’ll want to ensure everyone is informed about where the wedding will be taking place. This will help your guests plan accordingly. Just in case anyone comes less than prepared, you can include items like travel sized sunscreen, hand towels and fans, and bottled water in a fun welcome package.

  1. Have a backup plan.

Beach weddings are best kept short and sweet. Just in case the weather changes, have a backup plan. Always have a canopy or tent at hand to keep everyone cool and dry or ensure your plan B option is somewhere indoors.


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