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Things To Consider When Planning a Beach Wedding

Wondering how to plan a beach wedding? Below are some of the things you need to keep in mind:

Beach weddings are alluring for more reasons than one; and being out in the open, in a romantic oceanfront setting while the wind and waves sing their praises over your union, is one of those. They are far from the typical traditional wedding, which is often hosted within a church, or another elaborate indoor setting. That is not to say there aren’t other outdoor wedding types that aren’t appealing, like the garden wedding for example, but beach weddings are definitely in a category of their own.

  1. Make sure the beach is accessible for everyone involved.

Many people overlook the accessibility factor once they’ve found and fallen in love with a beach wedding location. Don’t forget to think about your guests’ convenience, and how easy or difficult it is going to be to make it to the location, from a main road. This can also affect the ease of setting up and transporting chairs, tables, and even food delivery. Make sure your site isn’t too out of the way, and if it is, ensure you make the right preparations.

  1. Don’t let the sound of waves drown out your vows.

There’s nothing quite as magical as the waves crashing against the shore while taking a romantic walk down the beach. When you’re trying to exchange vows, this is a completely different story. To work around this, get a professional sound system, and look into ways to get it powered up out on the beach. You can also rent wireless microphone and speaker for use by the officiant. Another option is to invest in a windscreen for your microphone, which will ensure the wind isn’t louder than what you’re actually trying to say. Before you rent or make these purchases, almost every professional wedding planner have a supplier who can solve that need.

  1. Choice your décor windproof.

You’ll need to tweak your décor to suit the outdoors, especially in windy locations. This means you may want to think twice about super lavish flowers, towering candles, and even windy ribbons and balloons, which may just end up getting blown away by the wind. Use sturdy décor and avoid breakable items. Anything you can’t live without (like name tags, photos, etc.), secure with adhesive, spring, or place something heavier over top to hold them down. In terms of flowers, you also want to make sure you choose varieties that stand up well against high temperatures, that won’t wilt before the ceremony even begins.

Expert tip: Chrysanthemums, calla lilies, king protea, and orchids do well on the beach. Not convinced flowers will fit your theme or just don’t want to risk it? Go for things like fruits or even shells to add some color to the event.

  1. Make sure there’s some shade.

Just as important as covering for rainy weather, you’ll need to keep in mind that outdoor environments usually mean guests will be exposed to the elements. Especially in hot climates, ensure you keep everyone cool by scheduling your ceremony at a time when the sun is most mild – morning or late afternoon is best. You’ll also want to make sure shade is factored in as well, especially for the sake of older people and children. With beach or outdoor weddings, it’s best to monitor the weather so you know what to expect. You can source a canopy to cover the seating area or get some bamboo poles which can be draped with light, white fabric to help keep everyone cool.

  1. Finger food storage: keep it cool!

If you aren’t getting married at a resort, food storage is a serious consideration. Food that’s supposed to be refrigerated will spoil quickly in high temperatures, so you’ll need to pick wisely. This is also worth keeping in mind for cake selection – cakes made with buttercream may fight a losing battle against the heat. As a rule, don’t pick anything that’s going to melt or spoil fast.

Expert tip: If you’re concerned about food, you can also consider getting married on the beach, and having the reception at another location, like a nearby restaurant.


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How many ceremony songs do I need? When do you play them?

I made this post to help my brides figure out how many songs they need to have for their ceremony. This guide details all the portions of MOST ceremonies where there could be music. If your ceremony doesn’t conform to this guide, that’s not a problem, we can accommodate almost anything. But this guide covers most of the variations we have seen in our years playing weddings.


*Keep in mind that 15-30 minutes before every ceremony, there is usually background music played while guests are entering. This is usually part of the wedding ceremony booking. Musicians typically play standard classical music that feels appropriate for the mood.


*If a portion of your ceremony lasts longer than the “song” selected for it, musicians typically repeat the song.


  1. Seating of the parents — some ceremonies the bride selects music for seating of parents. I don’t suggest it, as it’s really hard to coordinate this part with the rest of the ceremony. Some weddings the parents walk in with the regular processional (see next item).


  • suggestions: Air (Bach), Arioso (Bach), Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring (Bach), pretty much anything quiet


  1. You will need a song for the basic processional. This is NOT the bride. This is almost ALWAYS the bridesmaids. Sometimes the groomsmen and groom walk to this processional. They don’t have to.


  • suggestions: Canon in D (Pachelbel), Air (Bach), Spring (Vivaldi)


  1. Groom and groomsmen — some weddings the groom is already at the altar. The same goes for the groomsmen. They also sometimes walk to song #2. OR they can have their own separate entrance. This is really up to you. There is no right way. I think it looks nice. Whatever you decide, I NEED TO KNOW SO WE HAVE THE RIGHT NUMBER OF SONGS LINED UP!! It’s also possible to have two songs for one long processional (only necessary for extremely large wedding parties).


  • suggestions: same as #2


  1. Is the flower girl walking with the bridesmaids or is she walking with the bride? As far as the music is concerned, it only matters to me because I need to know whether to start playing the bride’s song immediately when I see the flower girl. SOME brides can pick a separate song for the flower girl — I think it’s unnecessary unless you think she is going to spend a lot of time throwing flowers (she shouldn’t!)


  1. Bride song — You need to walk down the aisle to one song. If you’re Jewish and doing seven circles, then you MIGHT want to have a second song for the circling.
  • suggestions: Here Comes The Bride (Wagner), Canon in D (Pachelbel), anything classical that the bride likes. For Jewish brides, Alte Rebbe’s Niggun is a good choice for the seven circles.


  1. Ceremony begins — typically there shouldn’t be music while officiant is talking. Maybe light background music IF officiant is miced. Not recommended.


  1. Readings, vows, rings — same as #6.


  1. Prayer (if applicable) — some weddings do a prayer, you MIGHT want music for this.


  1. Sand ceremony, unity candle, hand binding — I typically play something quiet for duration of this portion by default. If you don’t want music during this, just tell me, otherwise I will just feel it out.
  • suggestions: Meditation from Thais (I play this by default unless requested otherwise)


  1. Communion — if you are doing communion, you PROBABLY want music for this, depending on length?
  • suggestions: something religious such as Ave Maria (Schubert)


  1. Recessional — couple walking down the aisle when ceremony is over
  • suggestions: Wedding March (Mendelssohn), Rondeau (Mouret), La Rejoussaince (Handel), Hornpipe from Water Music (Handel), any uptempo classical piece works well.


  1. Postlude — exit music, just background music, I don’t do a postlude if I’m also playing cocktails because I need to get the cocktails started and set up quickly! If you really want a postlude, I can do one, but most brides would rather have the cocktail set started sooner.


This might seem complicated, but it’s actually very easy. Most ceremonies we play the bride only needs to select four songs: processional, bride, unity candle/sand ceremony, and recessional. If your wedding day comes, and it turns out that you forgot to pick music for any part of your ceremony, DON’T WORRY!! We will just choose a song for you to fill in the gap, based on our expertise and experience — we would always pick something tasteful and beautiful for your special day!

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How to Plan Your Wedding Dances


Sure, most weddings involve attendees boogieing down on the dance floor. There’s hardly a better way to celebrate a new union. But many weddings also include special, traditional dances that spotlight honored guests.

There’s the first dance, where the couple takes their first spin on the dance floor. During the parents’ dance, the couple enjoys a special moment with the people who raised them. Lesser known is the anniversary dance, which salutes couples who have been married the longest and the money dance where guests surround the couple and slip cash to them.

Even couples who love to dance can find it intimidating to think through traditional dances. Should they wing them or perform a choreographed routine? Will older guests cherish the anniversary dance or feel put on the spot?

Steps to Planning the Wedding Dances

Choose your wedding dances.

Not every couple opts to stage every wedding dance at their reception. Decide which ones are important a few months in advance so there is enough time to prepare.

Reach out to involved participants.

If you want the parents’ dance or the anniversary dance at your wedding give involved participants ample time to practice and choose their music.

Choose your music and prepare your band or DJ.

Choose the music you want for each different wedding dance, then make sure your DJ is equipped to play it for you.

Have fun.

On the day of the wedding everyone’s there because they love you and are celebrating your big day. So at that point don’t worry about the steps and just enjoy performing. No one else knows the choreography but you, so as long as you smile and have fun, you’ll be a hit.

Wedding Dance FAQs and Etiquette

How many traditional wedding dances are there?

There are many ones but the most common are: the first dance, the parents’ dance, the anniversary dance, and the money dance. Different cultures and religions also have their own customs like the hora, a traditional circle dance performed at Jewish weddings or the raas garba, a night of folk dances that takes place before Indian weddings.


Who participates in traditional wedding dances?

There are some general rules. The first dance, for example, is performed by the couple. The parents’ dance is performed by them and their parents (the traditional father-daughter dance now usually includes both parents, hence the name.) The anniversary dance can include the longest-married couple in attendance or all the couples married over a specified number of years. The most inclusive wedding dance is the money dance; all wedding guests are invited to participate.

When do the wedding dances take place?

While some couples like to start the reception with the first dance and the parents’ dances, others opt to spread them throughout the reception.

Regardless of when the wedding dances take place, the key is to keep them short and sweet. You want to leave your audience wanting more.

Is it required to do all the wedding dances?

They are definitely not mandatory, but we think couples should at least consider incorporating dances since they are vibrant and festive and bring joy to the celebration.

What do guests do during the dances?

Some of the wedding dances invite participation. All guests, for example, can join in the money dance, and many older couples can show off their moves during the anniversary dance. During the parents’ dance and the first dance, it’s customary for guests to watch as spectators until they are invited to join on the dance floor.

Do the dances have to be choreographed?

Absolutely not. While some couples like to have a choreographed routine for the first dance (also some parents like to have it for the parents’ dance), it is not obligatory. It can be just as meaningful to watch a freshly married couple slow dance slowly together than have them twist and turn and leap. Regardless of whether the dance is choreographed, it’s important to remember that “less is more,” Make sure to create choreography that suits your personal style and is not overly complex or daunting.

What music is played during the wedding dances?

The couple and the people they are dancing with get to choose the music. Some people pick songs that are meaningful to them (perhaps it was playing during their first date or a father used to sing a song to his daughter when she was younger?) Remember to keep it tasteful and a song to which you are comfortable dancing. Pick a song you really connect with.

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How to Make the Best Wedding Reception Dance Playlist

Think back to some of the best times you’ve had at weddings, and I’ll bet many of them were “hold my drink” situations during the reception. You know, the ones—you hear that song start and, suddenly, makeup and blowout be damned, the dance floor becomes your stage.

Every couple’s wedding day soundtrack will, and should, be different. There are over 3.5 million wedding-related playlists on Spotify. And that’s the benefit of premeditated tunes: you can pick songs and find the one how cemented the friendship between you and your MOH on the dance floor.


You really have to think about your guests, at a wedding, you have a very broad list—from your grandparents to guests as young as two. You have to think about music that is not only appropriate for that varied audience but also what they’re going to like and get into. That’s very difficult to achieve. But don’t fret your set yet.


Recognize Sometimes It Is a Popularity Contest

Spotify figured out which songs were most often added to users’ wedding playlists—let’s check out the top 10:

“Thinking Out Loud,” by Ed Sheeran

“Marry You,” by Bruno Mars

“All of Me,” by John Legend

“Uptown Funk,” by Mark Ronson, featuring Bruno Mars

“I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me),” by Whitney Houston

“Don’t Stop Believin’,” by Journey

“Crazy in Love,” by Beyoncé, featuring Jay Z

“A Thousand Years,” by Christina Perri

“I’m Yours,” by Jason Mraz

“Hey Ya!” by OutKast


Nothing on this list surprises me, You’ve got representation of up-tempo fun songs with ‘Hey Ya!’ and ‘Uptown Funk.’ Some of these songs are very romantic with an appropriate message for a wedding like ‘I’m Yours’ or ‘Marry You.’ Then you’ve got John Legend’s song ‘All of Me’ that’s been popular since its release because Legend wrote that song about Chrissy Teigen, and it’s all about how much he adores her. What bride wouldn’t like to echo that sentiment at her wedding?


Even if you feel like some songs, such as Pharrell’s “Happy” or JT’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” are overplayed on the radio, they can take on new life at a wedding. They’re still great additions because most of your guests will have heard them, and they’re such feel-good tracks. They encourage your guests to move or sing, and they’re also great for younger kids.


Embrace the Crossover

Pop. Country. Rock. Hip-hop. What do all these genres have in common—besides a hit song featuring Nelly? They can all feel at home on a reception playlist. I think anything goes at weddings. Most of the time, you’ve got a mix of genres. It’s all about what makes people happy and puts them in the mood to dance. It makes sense that you’re going to have the full spectrum.

While you and your sorority sisters may have an entire choreographed routine to “Crazy in Love,” maybe your mom and her pals have an equivalent with ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.” So go ahead and put Frank Sinatra, Notorious B.I.G., and Dolly Parton in a room together; you’ll wonder why you’ve never done it before.


Serenade Your Guests—Even If It’s Weird

If your wedding day is simultaneously the only time your kooky aunt is willing to fly across the country and the only time she’s game to juju on that beat, you’ve got to make the most of it. You can’t expect every song to cater to absolutely everybody, what you can do is include specific songs for specific guests, especially if they’re traveling really far distances to come to your wedding. That is such a big commitment and such a loving thing for them to do. It’s nice to sprinkle in one or two songs they especially would appreciate.

And are there certain songs that really encourage people to let their freak flags fly? Songs that include extreme emotion are great songs for weddings.

We also recommend up-tempo songs that appeal across generations. If your mom really loves Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ and that’s a song that’s going to get her excited, why not put it in there?”.

Mind Your Do-Not-Play List

We’ve already established the power music has over people’s emotions, so be careful. If a song, or the bad memory (read: ex-boyfriend) behind a song has made it onto your list of names “in red underlined,” keep it off your playlist. Even if it’s a song that everybody loves, if you have some negative association with it, you don’t want to hear it at your wedding—where you should be as happy as can be.


Similarly, if there’s a song that’s going to upset someone else at your wedding, probably best to leave it off too. You don’t want sad songs, and you don’t want songs with perhaps overly offensive lyrics, instead of we can switch out the explicit tracks here for their radio-friendly versions—a good idea if you’ve invited the entirety of the tee-ball team you coach on weekends. Better to be safe, and sometimes it’s more fun to yell obscenities over the censored silence anyway.


Save the First Dance for Everyone

At this point in your process, we don’t doubt you’ve stockpiled your playlist with gems of jams, but only one belongs at the top of your list chronologically. It’s always good to kick off the dance floor portion of your wedding with the right tone. That tone is, it’s party time! Encourage people to dance. The first song must be a beacon, its bright boppiness guiding your guests away from their hesitations and insecurities toward a warm, safe place to dab, drop, and dougie all night long.

Curating the perfect wedding reception playlist is something of an art form. It takes taste, grace, and forward planning. You want to make sure that every second of this celebration is accounted for. From pop-tastic tunes to classic tracks, you need to make sure that the roster has something for every single wedding guest. It’s a tall order.



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64 Celebration Songs Perfect for Your Wedding


Nothing signals the start of a party like a celebratory anthem. Lucky for us songs about celebrating the best things in life come in every genre and style of music.

Whether you’re looking for a song about celebrating a lasting love like Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars,” or friends and family with Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration, or you just want to dance along to the feel-good vibes of Pharrell’s “Happy,” there’s a little something for everyone.

100 Wedding Dance Songs Your Guests Will Totally Request

From tried and true dance classics to group sing-a-longs, here are 64 celebrations songs to play at your wedding.

01of 64

“Celebration,” by Kool and The Gang

Lyrics of Love: “Celebrate good times, come on/Come on, it’s a celebration”

02of 64

“Happy,” by Pharrell

Lyrics of Love: “Because I’m happy/Clap along if you know what happiness is to you”

03of 64

“Can’t Stop the Feeling!,” by Justin Timberlake

Lyrics of Love: “’Cause I got that sunshine in my pocket/Got that good soul in my feet”

04of 64

“I Gotta Feeling,” by Black Eyed Peas

Lyrics of Love: “I gotta feeling, that tonight, that tonight/That tonight’s gonna be a good, good, good, good, good”

05of 64

“This Is How We Do It,” by Montell Jordan featuring Wino

Lyrics of Love: “I’m kinda buzzed and it’s all because/(This is how we do it)”

06of 64

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” by Marvin Gay featuring Tammi Terrell

Lyrics of Love: “Cause baby there ain’t no mountain high enough/Ain’t no valley low enough”

07of 64

“We Are The Champions,” by Queen

Lyrics of Love: “We are the champions, my friends/And we’ll keep on fighting ‘til the end”

08of 64

“All I Do Is Win,” by DJ Khaled featuring T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dog and Rick Ross

Lyrics of Love: “And every time I step up in the building everybody hands go up/And they stay there (There), and they say yeah (Yeah)”

09of 64

“Livin’ on a Prayer,” by Bon Jovi

Lyrics of Love: “Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear/Woah, livin’ on a prayer”

10of 64

“I Got You (I Feel Good),” by James Brown

Lyrics of Love: “When I hold you in my arms/I know that I can’t do no wrong”

11of 64

“A Sky Full of Stars,” by Coldplay

Lyrics of Love: “I’m gonna give you my heart/’Cause you’re a sky, ‘cause you’re a sky full of stars”

12of 64

“You Shook Me All Night Long,” by AC/DC

Lyrics of Love: “Working double time on the seduction line/She was one of a kind, she’s just mine all mine”

13of 64

“Dancing Queen,” by ABBA

Lyrics of Love: “You can dance, you can jive/Having the time of your life”

14of 64

“Twist and Shout,” by The Beatles

Lyrics of Love: “Come on and twist a little closer now/And let me know that you’re mine”

15of 64

“December, 1963 (Oh What a Night!),” by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons

Lyrics of Love: “Oh, what a night, why’d it take so long to see the light?/Seemed so wrong, but now it seems so right”

16of 64

“Whoomp! There It Is,” by Tag Team

Lyrics of Love: “Party on, party people, let me hear some noise/Party with Donald, Daisy, and the boys”

17of 64

“Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah),” by Andy Grammer

Lyrics of Love: “I think I finally found my hallelujah/I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life”

18of 64

“I Just Want to Celebrate,” by Rare Earth

Lyrics of Love: “That’s why I’m telling you/I just want to celebrate, yeah, yeah”

19of 64

“You Should Be Dancing,” by Bee Gees

Lyrics of Love: “My baby moves at midnight, yeah/Goes right on ‘till the dawn, yeah”

20of 64

“Cake by the Ocean,” by DNCE

Lyrics of Love: “But you’re moving so carefully/Let’s start living dangerously”

21of 64

“Shut Up and Dance,” by Walk the Moon

Lyrics of Love: “I said you’re holding back/She said shut up and dance with me”

22of 64

“Don’t Stop Believin’,” by Journey

Lyrics of Love: “Don’t stop believin’/Hold on to the feelin'”

23of 64

“D.A.N.C.E.,” by Justice

Lyrics of Love: “Do the D.A.N.C.E/1, 2, 3, 4 Fight!”

24of 64

“Hey Ya!,” by Outkast

Lyrics of Love:  “Oh we get together/But separate’s always better when there’s feelings involved”

25of 64

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” by Cyndi Lauper

Lyrics of Love: “Oh daddy dear you know you’re still number one/But girls they wanna have fun”

26of 64

“September,” by Earth, Wind & Fire

Lyrics of Love: “Remember! How we knew love was here to stay/Now December found the love we shared in September”

27of 64

“Get Ur Freak On,” by Missy Elliott

Lyrics of Love: “Y’all can’t stop me now/Listen to me now, I’m lasting 20 rounds”

28of 64

“Rock Your Body,” by Justin Timberlake

Lyrics of Love: “So you grab your girls and you grab a couple more/And you all could meet me in the middle of the floor”

29of 64

“Blame It,” by Jamie Foxx featuring T-Pain

Lyrics of Love: “Blame it on the booze/Got you feeling loose”

30of 64

“Stayin’ Alive,” by Bee Gees

Lyrics of Love: “Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother/You’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive”

31of 64

“Lovely Day,” by Bill Withers

Lyrics of Love: “Then I look at you/And the world’s alright with me”

32of 64

“Where My Girls At,” by 702

Lyrics of Love: “Where my girls at, from the front to back/Well is you feelin’ that”

33of 64

“Tell Me When to Go,” by E-40 featuring Keak da Sneak

Lyrics of Love: “I’m from the Bay where we hyphy and go dumb/From the soil where them rappers be getting their lingo from”

34of 64

“Family Affair,” by Mary J. Blige

Lyrics of Love: “Let’s get it crunk, we gon’ have fun/Up on up in this dancerie”

35of 64

“Where the Party At,” by Jagged Edge featuring Nelly

Lyrics of Love: “Ay, where the party at?/Girls is on the way, where the bacardi at?”

36of 64

“1999,” by Prince

Lyrics of Love: “War is all around us, my mind says prepare to fight/So if I gotta die I’m gonna listen to my body tonight”

37of 64

“I’m Coming Out,” by Diana Ross

Lyrics of Love: “The time has come for me/To break out of the shell”

38of 64

“Good as Hell,” by Lizzo

Lyrics of Love: “I know that it’s hard but you have to try/If you need advice, let me simplify”

39of 64

“I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me),” by Whitney Houston

Lyrics of Love: “I need a man who’ll take a chance/On a love that burns hot enough to last”

40of 64

“Independent Women, Pt. 1,” by Destiny’s Child

Lyrics of Love: “All the honeys, who making money/Throw your hands up at me”

41of 64

“Believe,” by Cher

Lyrics of Love: “Do you believe in life after love?/I can feel something inside me say”

42of 64

“Crazy in Love,” by Beyonce featuring Jay-Z

Lyrics of Love: “I look and stare so deep in your eyes/I touch on you more and more every time”

43of 64

“Pour Some Sugar on Me,” by Def Leppard

Lyrics of Love: “Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet/Little miss innocent sugar me, yeah, yeah”

44of 64

“Uptown Funk,” by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars

Lyrics of Love: “Got Chucks on with Saint Laurent/Gotta kiss myself, I’m so pretty”

45of 64

“Can’t Feel My Face,” by The Weeknd

Lyrics of Love: “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you/But I love it, but I love it, oh”

46of 64

“Party in the U.S.A.,” by Miley Cyrus

Lyrics of Love: “I got my hands up, they’re playin’ my song/You know I’m gonna be okay”

47of 64

“Let’s Dance,” by David Bowie

Lyrics of Love: “Let’s sway/Under the moonlight, this serious moonlight”

48of 64

“Eye of the Tiger,” by Survivor

Lyrics of Love: “It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight/Risin’ up to the challenge of our rival”

49of 64

“Give Me the Night,” by George Benson

Lyrics of Love: “’Cause there’s music in the air/And lots of loving everywhere”

50of 64

“I Can’t Wait,” by Nu Shooz

Lyrics of Love: “’Cause I can’t wait (baby, I can’t wait) this is what I’ve been waiting for/I can’t wait (baby, I can’t wait) til my love walked in the door”

51of 64

“Good Feeling,” by Flo Rida

Lyrics of Love: “Yeah I got a brand new spirit/Speak it and it’s done”

52of 64

“Best Day of My Life,” by American Authors

Lyrics of Love: “I howled at the moon with friends/And then the sun came crashing in”

53of 64

“Walking on Sunshine,” by Katrina & the Waves

Lyrics of Love: “I’m walking on sunshine, whoa/And don’t it feel good”

54of 64

“Celebrate,” by Anderson.Paak

Lyrics of Love: “I was under the impression that we all want the best of life/So let’s celebrate while we still can”

55of 64

“On Top of the World,” by Imagine Dragons

Lyrics of Love: “Been dreaming of this since a child/I’m on top of the world”

56of 64

“Fly Me to the Moon,” by Frank Sinatra featuring Count Basie

Lyrics of Love: “Fill my heart with song/And let me sing for ever more”

57of 64

“Holiday,” by Madonna

Lyrics of Love: “Everybody spread the word/We’re gonna have a celebration”

58of 64

“Jump Around,” by House of Pain

Lyrics of Love: “Get up, stand up (c’mon!) see’mon throw your hands up/If you’ve got the feeling, jump across the ceiling”

59of 64

“Get Down on It,” by Kool & The Gang

Lyrics of Love: “How you gonna do it if you really don’t wanna dance by standing on the wall?/Get your back up off the wall”

60of 64

“We Can’t Stop,” by Miley Cyrus

Lyrics of Love: “It’s our party, we can love who we want/We can kiss who we want”

61of 64

“Hot in Here,” by Nelly

Lyrics of Love: “No teasin’, I need you to/Get up up on the dance floor”

62of 64

“Get the Party Started,” by P!nk

Lyrics of Love: “Pumpin’ up the volume with this brand new beat/Everybody’s dancin’ and their dancin’ for me”

63of 64

“All Night Long (All Night),” by Lionel Richie

Lyrics of Love: “Well, my friends, the time has come/To raise the roof and have some fun”

64of 64

“Good Times,” by Chic

Lyrics of Love: “Good times, these are the good times/Leave your cares behind, these are the good times”



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12 things to consider for the beach wedding ceremony


  1. Get a beach permit if needed.

Though this isn’t always required, it is worth your time to do some research, so you avoid any unnecessary problems down the line. Find out about noise regulations in both private and public settings, so you can make the proper arrangements.

  1. Plan wisely, avoid crowds.

One of the things you should seek to find out in advance is when the beach is the most crowded. You’ll want to avoid this time to ensure you have enough privacy, so your wedding doesn’t turn into a circus. Usually you’ll find beaches quieter outside of weekends and holidays. Some beaches in Hawaii for example don’t allow event set ups on public beaches. In places like this, you’ll need to instead rent a beachside villa, so you’ll still be able to take photos on the beach after your ceremony.

  1. Arrange sturdy seating.

Aluminum chairs, wooden benches, other types of folding chairs and even stylish waterproof ottomans will add to the comfort of guests. All of these are sturdy enough to not be blown away by the wind or sink in the sand and collapse. In some cases, you may not need to have seats for everyone – just the elderly and children. It all depends on the type of wedding you want and how long the ceremony will be.

  1. Accentuate the beach’s natural features.

The beach is beautiful enough as it is, so you won’t need to go overboard here. Instead, focus on accentuating the natural features in a way that will help bring your wedding to life. It doesn’t all need to be seashells and palm leaves; you can use the various hues of the ocean or sand to create a theme, adding in elements like stones, dune glasses, and more.

  1. Add in colors to contrast the light color of the sand.

If you’re wondering what colours are best for a beach wedding, we recommend adding some color which will contrast with the sand to make the setting more vibrant. Think green, orange, or coral tones.

  1. Shop local for destination weddings.

When sourcing your décor for a destination wedding, try to purchase things from local vendors. This can help you avoid hefty importation fees, or delays that can happen if your items get detained by customs for any reason.

  1. Prepare for windy conditions.

If it can blow away, it might. Prepare for a windy day, even when not expected. Secure everything you can beforehand to avoid this. Use heavier items to weigh things down, like programmes and place cards, or just get heavyweight stands. You can also tie programmes neatly to chairs. If you plan on tossing dried flower petals, wait to do this, once guests arrive.

  1. Prepare a shoe station.

No one wants to spend the day with sand in their shoes. With a shoe rack, guests can trade their fancy shoes for flip flops. Make provisions at the station for guests to be able to wipe or wash the sand off their feet before making the swap. You’ll want to include a seating area, towels, a place to store shoes, and a bucket of water.

  1. Have refreshments on hand.

Beat the heat with cold drinks. A table set up with lemonade, ice water, or a signature cocktail will go a long way in keeping guests satisfied and refreshed.

  1. Prevent bug bites.

You’ll want to keep insect repellant close at hand for any outdoor ceremony, particularly beach weddings. Try to get a good brand with ingredients that aren’t harmful, that won’t stain your dress.

  1. Prepare guests with a welcome package.

You’ll want to ensure everyone is informed about where the wedding will be taking place. This will help your guests plan accordingly. Just in case anyone comes less than prepared, you can include items like travel sized sunscreen, hand towels and fans, and bottled water in a fun welcome package.

  1. Have a backup plan.

Beach weddings are best kept short and sweet. Just in case the weather changes, have a backup plan. Always have a canopy or tent at hand to keep everyone cool and dry or ensure your plan B option is somewhere indoors.


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